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We all are now over a period of years where Inflation is Inching to higher rate due to,hostile economic conditions, geopolitical tensions & majorly Climate Change,which Spurts inflations and dents the individual Purchasing Power.

To Overecome this unsolvable Problem,we need to select an asset class which can appreciate your wealth at more than the inflation rate (Approx.7%)

Annually ,Our Purchasing Power will get retained or can improve only if we are able to invest our money and get post tax returns higher than the inflation rate i.e., at a rate of minmum of 7% anually (post tax)

To overcome this problem,we are offering you our assistance to make your money work at one of the best assest class in India i.e.,Stocks & Mutual Funds on a long term basis which will ensure healthier returns & also with great transperancy.
Our Services:
  • Minimum Investment of Rs 1,00,000/Annum only.
  • Assistance for free Demat account creation.
  • Custom Tailored Financial Plan to meet the clients unique financial goal depending upon the clients risk taking capability, time horizon, retirement income needs, tax considerations etc.,
  • Systematic Portfolio management by our Expert .
  • Existing Portfolio Diagnostics & suggestions at Rs.2000(onetime charge)
    -Making the client understanding of their existing portfolio strengths & weaknesses
  • 1 to 1 Direct Connect with our Expert.
  • Tax planning in a smart way
  • Future investment ideas will be Shared for wealth creation in Smart way.
The best part of our services is that the Share market Knowledge or awarness is not at all mandatory for the clients.
Traning Services:
We also conduct basic level training on how to start investing in stock market to impart basic knowledge on how a disciplined Investment in stock market can make a common man achieve their financial freedom-A path to a healthy life with wealthy returns.
Also We conduct one day workshop for the students and professionals on “How to select and invest in a great business” from over 6000 listed companies in stock market in order to achieve the wealthy returns.

Why you have to associate with us?

1. Greater & Sustainable post tax Returns than Fixed Deposits.
2. Less or No Tax for Long Term Investing.
3. Can make your money work for you in one of the best asset class.
4. No special dedicated time & Knowledge required, As we do all this for you to invest in stock market.
5. Transparent Process of Investing. As all the investment (Buy & Sell) will be done in your demat account, clients can track the transactions at any point of time.
6. Guaranteed Fixed Returns for Retired Community people.
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