HTD - Hire Train and Deploy

RR DigiTech Solutions also believes and focuses on predictive hiring understanding & bridging the gap between the demand & the supply chain thru’ its Skill Enhancement Programs & Hire Train Deploy Model. Our in-house technical expertise gives us the confidence & flexibility to help enhance the available skills in market to the required degree as per the client needs In Hire Train Deploy Model, RR DigiTech Solutions have solid experience and team on various technologies to various client

Strong leadership team with in-depth industry knowledge and have structured many Level 2.5 and Level 3 HTD (Hire, Train & Deploy) skill enhancement programs to significantly add value to various clients as the main beneficiary in the IMS domain and also for Networking Analyst & SD.

HTD Model

–Joining time – Min 30 days to Max 60 days

–Attrition Risk – Zero (18 months continuity)

–Trained professionals as per client requirement

–Cost Effective – Training cost shared

–Mid term & Final Assessment

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